We work with individuals and groups

Individuals: Babies, toddlers, children & adolescents

Adults across the life span

Groups: teams, families, parents and carers

Schools: teachers including adults who support children

As well as: Legal professionals, Healthcare providers, Social Services, and multi-agency front line staff 

We cover a range of areas

Attachment and developmental trauma

Adverse experience across the lifespan

Being trauma informed

Helping build positive relationships

Building resilience

Mental health and well-being

Group work

Building teams


Applying psychology for

Individual well-being

Systemic strength

Therapeutic change


anti-bullying, stockport, manchester and Cheshire West

Psytribe offer KiVa advice, training, supervision, building capability and professional support services.


ELSA Network Logo, Emotional Literacy Support Assistants Training, Social well being, Behaviour Management, Loss, Bereavement

Psytribe offer ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) advice, training, supervision and support services.


VIG, Psytribe, Strengths-based Therapeutic intervention, building positive moments in parent child interaction

Psytribe offer consultations, therapy and intervention services from professionally trained and accredited VIG practitioners.


Practitioner Psychologist

Psytribe offers trauma therapy, including EMDR, one to one individual work and group work.