TRAUMA THERAPY - EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing

When a individual is involved in a distressing event they may feel overwhelmed. Their brain may be unable to process the disturbing event like a normal memory. EMDR helps you to unlock and recover from difficult past memories and assists you to stop them from effecting how you think and behave in the present. It is effective for a wide range of conditions.

EMDR can work where other therapies fail.

EMDR helps unlock difficult past memories helping you to recover from them by utilising the brains ability to heal itself.

EMDR is scientifically backed. The innovative EMDR approach can work where other therapies have failed because it goes deeper than just talking. The intervention technique is effective for a wide range of experiences including:


PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress disorder)


Low self-esteem

Loss and Bereavement

Family fragmentation


Feelings of Hopelessness



Chronic pain



Work or Social Stress

Post natal depression

Traumatic Birth

Panic Attacks

Adult EMDR

Do you want an effective therapy designed to suit your needs?

Do you want a therapy that is recommended by medical experts?

We offer EMDR for adults.

EMDR is a NICE guidelines recommended intervention for trauma.

EMDR for Children

EMDR can help with a range of difficulties, including:

  • Anxiety and Worries
  • Separation Difficulties
  • Attachment Difficulties
  • Complex Trauma
    • Examples are after witnessing or being involved in difficult life events, such as emergency medical procedures, or witnessing a violent home life).
  • Family fragmentation
    • Losses, such as divorce and bereavement

Is your child is having difficulties in life that are emotional or psychological in nature?

There are very effective therapies that we can use to help your child.

Our psychologists have specialist training in EMDR for children. Our psychologists are all former teachers and experienced working with children and adolescents.

We work with both the child/young person and the parent/carer .

EMDR is able to help children at both home and school. For example, it can help them to feel better and also reduce behaviours such as problems sleeping, eating, anxieties about school and school work, exams, low self-esteem, fears that they may have, and coping with family breakdown and bullying. Children who have experienced early loss, even in their early hours and days of life, can be helped by EMDR.

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