For more information about our trauma informed group work with an evidence base, please be in touch.

We offer training as well as delivery and supervision to support you in your work with parents.

Our work with schools and other agencies, including social care and family support workers, has been shown to improve the emotional wellbeing and connectedness of parents who have experienced adverse life experiences and who may also be living in situations of ongoing distress.

We can help you to develop skills within your team to develop your support for parents through trauma informed approaches that are built upon core principles of respect, compassion and unconditional positive regard.

Parents who have experienced our group work reflect that they feel more hopeful about their relationship with school/services and also, that they are more understanding and skilled in their parenting roles. Many of the parents we have worked with over the past few years have become more involved in their communities and have also taken on new careers .Parents and accredited group leaders reflect that the impetus for their personal transformation has been the group work experience.

Have a look on our Testimonials page for parents’ and group leaders reflections.

Our work can be bespoke and tailor-made to your setting and also to your parents needs.

Be in touch for further information. We can tell you more!