What Interventions we can offer

Interventions and therapeutic work

We can offer interventions and therapeutic work tailored to your needs. An initial consultation will contribute to a formulation of ‘the problem/s’ or ‘the issue/s’ and we will aim to give you an overview of what would be a good and psychologically informed way forward.

We look for individual strengths and resiliences and our aim is for you to see and experience positive change, with increased hope and optimism for the future.

We work on solutions for the individual and/or group. Our work is with babies, children, young people and adults.

We offer approaches and interventions that are tailored for the individual and/or the family/school/setting, and, as can often be the case, for the group supporting the individual.

We see our clients as collaborators and co-workers in the process of change and we value this partnership as tricky situations, overpowering emotions and the impact of disturbing memories and experiences are explored, understood and resolved

Approaches and accreditations

As well as applied psychological skills, we have knowledge and accreditation to use a range of therapies and approaches,  for individuals and groups.

We provide psychological supervision to psychologists and other multi-agency professionals – including those who work in schools and with young people. We are listed on the BPS Register for Applied Psychology Practitioner Supervisors (RAPPS).