KiVa, a schools based anti-bulling programme

What is KiVa

In addition to achieving excellent academic outcomes, the Finnish Government decided to make a concerted effort to enhance child well-being and recognised the need to monitor bullying levels. For many years the government relied upon legislation that placed obligations on schools to design their own action plans and required a commitment from school staff to intervene immediately in bullying situations (“zero tolerance”). However this failed to produce any changes in levels of child reported bullying.

Independently,  Prof. Salmivalli completed research on the architecture of bullying and the role of bystanders, so the Finnish Government asked Prof Salmivalli to develop and evaluate a bullying programme for schools.

This programme, known as KiVa (Anti-bullying), is based on robust research that shows how the responses of bystanders maintain or decrease bullying behaviour. KiVa aims to affect norms and skills, behaviour, attitudes, and the classroom and school climate. The programme has universal actions, at both class and school level, and indicated actions that address confirmed cases of bullying.

Our KiVa Services Provide Training and Professional Support

The United Kingdoms evidenced based research has identified a number of training and professional support needs. Psytribe are pleased to be able offer KiVa training and professional support services in Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire West to enable successful and effective roll-out of KiVa programmes in schools and settings:

  1. Training and professional support for a setting appointed project lead to implement a KiVa programme. The project lead ensures that teachers and all settings staff are trained and resourced to deliver effectively KiVa. 
  2. Training on how to set up and run the KiVa surveys and access resources for teachers, parents and children. Our services provide back-up support and school access to experienced practitioner psychologists.
  3. School KiVa team members training in the strategies to address confirmed incidents of bullying.

What does OFSTED have to say on KiVa

The KiVa programme “teaches pupils to recognise different types of bullying” demonstrating the importance placed on pupil safety. Through KiVa “pupils are learning to work cooperatively to try to prevent bullying. They are alert to any signs that this might happen in school. They also have a deep understanding of the harm that discrimination such as homophobic or racist behaviour can cause to society. Incidents of bullying are rare, and pupils say that they are dealt with very fairly. Pupils feel safe in your care.”

Cheshire school (2017)

“The school has introduced a new whole-school approach to the teaching of anti-bullying. As a result, pupils have an excellent understanding of what bullying is, what to do if it happens and who to tell. The school has worked actively with parents to share their work on anti-bullying and behaviour in addition to commissioning an external review of the school’s anti-bullying work. Most parents say that the school manages behaviour well and staff deal effectively with bullying.”

West Midlands school (2016)

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