peer pressure

Living in the world today can be quite stressful.

Can YOU identify and manage stress through healthy coping strategies?

Are YOU enabled to develop good mental health and emotional well-being? 

Stress within YOUR life results in YOU using a range of coping strategies. 

Our research suggest that YOU are at risk of turning to unhealthy coping strategies

  • From avoidance or withdrawal
  • To angry responses; and
  • Possibly even drugs and alcohol for ways of helping to cope with stress. 
Exam stress
Peer pressure, exam stress

How can we help?

  • We offer a 1:1 session for pupils and adults who may benefit from a structured and bespoke approach
  • We offer group work for families, young persons, front line professionals, parent support groups and adults
  • Training for adults, teachers and parents

Aim of our Therapies and Outcomes

Our role is to raise your awareness of the issue of stress and coping. Helping YOU to be more proactive in managing YOUR stress.

Confusion, avoidance

What induces stress events?

  • Exam Stress: Our research highlights that pupils preparing for their GCSEs are particularly vulnerable.  
  • Peer Pressure
  • Deadlines and Coursework
  • The pressure to achieve good grades
  • Teacher pupils relationships
  • Personal and interpersonal relationships
  • Bereavement and family breakup 
  • Post Natal Depression
  • Everyday life events

Our Practitioners Expertise

Our Practitioner Psychologists have lead stress awareness sessions and therapies for children, adults, front line professionals and teachers.  Our group work and therapies offer you a wealth of information to strengthen your resilience and coping strategies to improve YOUR self aware and empowered YOU to manage the ill effects of stress.

Research reports that each of us at some point in our lives will all encounter either one situation or a range of stressful events which will in turn challenge our mental well-being.