This is what our clients have generously reflected (testimonials linked to EMDR Trauma Therapy, VIG-Video Interaction Guidance, Training (including ELSA), Systemic, and Group Work with parents and other mental health professionals):

“Working with Denise has helped me more than she will ever know. I was able to learn how to manage difficult emotions linked to traumatic memories. I no longer need to worry about these memories and them triggering difficult emotions. It has made me feel lighter, happier and I am able to move forward. Truly life altering”. (EMDR Trauma Therapy Client)

‘Denise is one of the warmest most compassionate people I have met, she put me and my daughter very much at ease she is so insightful and empathic, she helped me draw on my strengths and helped me see the connection I have with my daughter, she built a lovely rapport with my daughter and made the VIG (Video Interaction Guidance) experience enjoyable and safe. Denise gently helped me to look at how to manage my challenges with my daughter. I cannot recommend Denise highly enough.” (Video Interaction Guidance Client)


‘My son had several sessions with Pam leading up to and during his A level exams. He recently lost a very close friend. He was feeling very anxious; the effects of which were poor sleep, inability to concentrate and very low mood. Pam gave him the tools to help reduce his anxiety and consequently improve his ability to function. He coped with his exams well. The skills she gave him are valuable for life. Pam is a kind compassionate person and managed to connect with our son in a way that he was open to listening to her advice and acting on it.’ (Parent)

‘The advice and support offered by Psytribe are invaluable in how we work with children at Cornerstone Alternate Provision (AP). Psytribe works with the child, parents or guardians of the child and Cornerstone staff to plan the best outcomes possible for the children who attend our provision. Their knowledge and understanding of the children we work with are of the highest order and their advice helps us design the most effective package possible to help support the children who attend our Cornerstone AP’. Damien Sweeney, Head Teacher – Cornerstone AP)

I’d highly recommend Dr Denise Honeyborne to anyone needing a child and educational psychologist assessment for their child. Denise was very adept at putting my child at ease so that they were relaxed enough to do the required assessments to the best of their ability. At the same time providing a confidence boost which was amazing for a child struggling at school. Her counsel to me as parent was gold dust and she really did go the extra mile for us. Thank you Denise! (Anonymous, Parent)

‘I found the ELSA training that Psytribe deliver really beneficial to my role as both a pastoral TA in school and then as a Learning Mentor for the Virtual school. The ELSA sessions and supervisions were engaging and helpful and equipped me to support the vulnerable young people I work with on a daily basis.  Denise and Pam are extremely knowledgeable and I recommend their training in every school I go into!’ (ELSA).’

…’the ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) training and role has helped me in developing my work in school with children with social, emotional and mental health needs. Being an ELSA has also helped me in my career progression, having recently been appointed within a specialist environment supporting young people with significant needs’. (ELSA) ‘Thank you to Dr Pamela Taylor and Dr Denise Honeyborne, who gave a presentation to Hogan Lovells Pro Bono volunteers about working in a trauma-informed way. The presentation was comprehensive and engaging, and it has given our volunteers vital insight as we continue to undertake Pro Bono projects that widen access to justice and strengthen the rule of law.’ Hogan Lovells Pro Bono Team “It’s (Parent Trauma Informed Wellbeing Group) an amazing valuable journey for parents/careers and facilitators” (parent) “This course has actually been more beneficial than my 15-week counselling sessions I’ve been attending locally – Brilliant” (parent) ‘Pam’s delivery was so calming and gentle whilst at the same time providing uplifting and empowering support. I could have sat and listened to her all day, and I think all the parents within the groups she supported would agree with that. I have supported parents in school now for over 15 years now and have never found a course that I feel so passionately about.’ (School Course Leader) “10 out of 10 ! What a difference this course has made! I have begun a new journey towards a possible career and made the first steps all thanks to this group work” (parent) “ I feel empowered! I feel like I am finally starting to take back control of my life!” (parent) “Learning about myself and finally getting to a place where I felt confident enough to go and start an accredited course with ‘Changes’!” (parent) ‘With the ongoing supervision, I have the belief that I am skilled enough in the programme to go on to run groups independently and to support other practitioners to develop the knowledge to also share the programme.’ (School Course Leader) “Yes I have changed some of my ways to help me look after myself better” Pamela was approachable and supportive that I felt confident to deliver and take part in the parent group training programme. Pamela made the training a pleasure by guiding me to develop a programme that was so needed in our schools/communities.’ (School Safeguarding Officer) “ More confident, positively – not letting anyone get me down” “This group has helped me to come out of my shell. I have really enjoyed the workshops.” (parent) The PsyTribe staff were very supportive and were very good at explaining things clearly. I miss working with Pamela and I am grateful to have had a great mentor. (School Safeguarding Officer) “I came to this course because I was a little depressed and was struggling with day to day life” …which lead to be being more happier and confident in myself” “the most positive I’ve been” (school safeguarding lead, course leader in training) “I feel this course has opened my eyes and I am feeling more about myself …I felt that I have lost myself being a wife and mother now it is about me about my strong life change” “A score of 10/10 – My wellbeing has greatly improved” “ I wasn’t expecting my confidence getting better …I’m worth something” (parent) I am happier more of the time! I’ve started to believe in myself a bit more and everyone one has been very supportive of me taking a step towards a possible career!” “This course has given me my life back!” (parent) the group has been amazing the women are so uplifting and positive” (parent) Pam’s delivery of the training was excellent. The facilitation and the resources Psytribe provided were great, giving me the confidence to enable me to lead groups within our school and to go on and train up staff in neighbouring schools. (School Programme Lead) “Change in confidence, change in openness of personality positive mood increase” (school mentor course leader in training)
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