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Our courses are led and presented by HCPC Registered Psychologists.

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Training – Greater Manchester and Cheshire
September 2021 to July 2022

Psytribe’s ELSA training course provides ELSA accreditation for Learning Support Assistants in schools. As an accredited ELSA Network provider we offer ELSA training and continuing supervision.

What are the Benefits of ELSA Training

The role of ELSA’s is to support children and young people in schools to understand and regulate their own emotions whilst also respecting the feelings of those around them.

Composition of Psytribe’s ELSA Training Course

Our ELSA training course provides six days of online training lead by our HCPC registered educational psychologists on all aspects of emotional literacy. ELSA trainees are provided with an in-depth study of:-

      1. Emotional Awareness
      2. Self Esteem
      3. Managing difficult emotions
      4. Social and friendship skills
      5. Social communications difficulties
      6. Loss
      7. Bereavement
      8. Family break-up

You will have the opportunity to develop your ELSA skills and understandings during the course. In addition, trainees are supported through continuous supervision in their practice.

The ELSA Course Delivery Structure

Our ELSA training course is augmented and supported with 6 half-day of supervision for the trainee ELSA’s delivered regularly over the period of the course duration. The attendees will be a group composed of primary or secondary ELSA’s. Delegates attending the course may also receive additional individual support from their supervisor. Support is provided usually by telephone or email contact.

Trainees will have the opportunity to work with young persons in their setting to develop their emotional literacy skills during the course delivery under the supervision of our experienced psychologists.

To find out more on ELSA training and to hear what trainees have to say – click here.

Costs and Prices

Our ELSA training course charge is £795.00 per delegate inclusive of the six day sessions of training, the 6 supervision sessions and the supporting learning materials and access to our ELSA resources.


The course is delivered through our online training service. Attendees will require internet access during the session times and can attend from their location of choice. Attendees will require either a  PC or other web browser enabled device.

Candidates are provided with the access to the online training resources and session links post successful registration.

Course Timetable

Training Sessions are held from 10:15 am to 2:30 pm and evenly spread through the school term times. Our planned ELSA course dates and times are:-

  1. Monday 13/9/2021   ELSA and Emotional Literacy in Schools
  2. Monday 25/10/2021   Building Resilience and Self-Esteem: Part 1
  3. Monday 6/12/2021   Building Resilience and Self-Esteem: Part 2
  4. Monday 14/2/2022  Understanding Feelings, Social, and Friendship Skills
  5. Friday 25/4/2022  Story Work, Loss, and Bereavement
  6. Friday 23/5/2022  Puppet Work, Active Listening and Reflective Conversations
  • Supervision Sessions are scheduled from 10:30  am to 11:45 pm the Mondays of 4/10/2021, 15/11/2021, 17/1/2022, 14/3/2022, 9/5/2022 and 4/7/2022.

What Do ELSA Course Trainees have to say.

Conditions and Notes for bookings:

PLACES: Delegate places for ELSA trainees are limited. Our booking system will allocate spaces based on a purchased ticket basis.

PAYMENT: All delegate bookings have to be paid for within 7 days of booking.

ATTENDANCE: Delegates are requested to note that in order for you to receive certification for your training you will be required to attend all the course training sessions. A register will be maintained. If you are unable to make a specific session during the course delivery, you may be offered the opportunity to attend a future ELSA days session to complete our training programme.

ELSA ROLE: To learn more about if you meet the criteria to be an ELSA we have set out an ELSA Candidate role profile located here

CHANGES TO DELIVERY TIMES: Please note the course presentation delivery dates may be amended, subject to the agreement of delegates and presenters.

MINIMUM COHORT: Our ELSA training course delivery is subject to a minimum number of delegates signing up. If our ELSA course delivery is cancelled by us due to minimum numbers not being achieved, you will be refunded your ELSA course fees paid to us.

WAITING LIST: We will hold a waiting list in the event of this course being oversubscribed and, subject to numbers, another ELSA course will be arranged either concurrently (on different days) or as soon as possible after that.

  • 27th September 2021 – 4th July 2022
    10:30 am – 2:30 pm


United Kingdom

Psytribe LLP offers training via virtual online course delivery supported with access to resources, materials and related course materials and worksheets for the candidates to